Medium-sized Rural Family Garden

This garden design project involved a complete redesign of a medium sized rural garden in Hampshire with lovely open views to the rear.

Heavy clay soil and a sloping site had caused problems with water-logging and a recent house extension had reduced the existing terrace to a narrow strip. What remained of the original garden layout was overgrown and unattractive. The clients were thinking about building a new timber garage and I was also asked to accommodate this in the design.

The problem of water-logging had to be addressed before anything else, through a combination of new land drainage and soil improvement. There were a large number of trees on site that were in poor condition or too close to the house. After conducting a tree survey I prepared a report for the clients recommending what action should be taken.  Unfortunately this included the removal of some trees that were either in the wrong positions, declining in health or too crowded.  

The final design provided a roomy new terrace large enough for entertaining, that included a formal pond and was surrounded by lush herbaceous planting. In addition, the plan included a second seating area at the end of a new timber pergola (yet to be built).  New tree planting was including to replace some of the trees in poor condition. The garage was sited to the south east of the property and I then redesigned the front area to improve parking and manoeuvring, as well as providing visual interest through new planting. The clients were keen to try growing their own fruit and vegetables so a new kitchen garden with greenhouse was developed along with a small orchard.

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