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Small front garden Basingstoke

I was commissioned to develop a planting design for this small front garden in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

The garden had been completely cleared and two new borders created, one in sun and one in shade. The clients wanted the planting to provide some screening from the street without creating two much shade, to be in keeping with the character of the street, provide interest throughout the year and include some scented plants. 

The garden design I suggested included a range of shrubs and perennials that would largely look after themselves but provide texture and colour during the different seasons. Star of the show would be an unusual specimen tree – Malus trilobata – chosen because of its feathered shape and compact habit, as well as spring flowers and autumn colour. Other key plants included Ceonothus ‘Blue Mound’, Fatsia japonica for the shady border and Viburnum plicatum ‘Kilimanjaro’, a new and upright deciduous shrub which has pretty, lacecap-like flowers in early summer, followed by berries and then fantastic red leaves in autumn. Scent would be provided by roses and a Philadelphia, as well as spring bulbs.